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Painting Parties

If you’ve been wracking your brain to come up with unique ideas for your next party or corporate event, a painting party might be the perfect solution. So, what exactly is a painting party? The idea is simple. You choose the place of your party, invite 10 or more guests, and stock up on some booze! I will come to your location with all the art supplies you need to have a boozy painting workshop that everyone will love.


In our busy lives, the idea of taking the time to dedicate to painting lessons or going to a paint and sip class can seem impossible. And, of course, our egos often get in the way. Formal painting classes, even painting classes for beginners, seem intimidating, especially if we don’t feel we have ‘natural talent.’ So what happens when you bring a mobile art class to a corporate event or casual get together with friends? Well, these casual classes are designed to be fun, relaxed, and open to all skill levels. No one will feel left behind, and everyone will be so grateful that you gave them the chance to try something new.

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  • $55 per person

  • All art supplies provided

  • 10-30 people

  • Day or evening classes

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