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If you’re like me, then not only have you swooned over Elizabeth and Darcy’s "hand touch" moment in the 2005 "Pride and Prejudice" adaptation, you can also clock it on sight. Now, you can wear that swoon-worthy scene with a wink and a nod, courtesy of this tee featuring an abstract digital painting.


Wearable Art: I take great pride in my high-resolution artworks, be it digital or physical. Every brushstroke, every detail is there for you to admire, and really see the yummy textures. It's like carrying a piece of art gallery with you wherever you go, whether you're at a coffee shop, in class, or daydreaming on your daily commute. The double-needle stitching throughout ensures this tee can handle all your adventures, made with 100% cotton, this isn’t a flimsy band tee.


Your Geek-Chic Statement: Whether you're a writer, artist, or just someone who knows their Jane Austen trivia inside out, It's soft, relaxed, and perfect for your coziest days, whether you're binge-watching period dramas or just chilling. Be it at a café, in class, or on your daily commute, You’ll be making a statement without shouting.


  S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
Width, in 18.25 20.25 22.00 24.00 26.00 27.75 29.75
Length, in 26.62 28.00 29.37 30.75 31.62 32.50 33.50
Sleeve length from center back, in 16.25 17.75 19.00 20.50 21.75 23.63 23.63

Luxury Pride and Prejudice Hand Touch Tee

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