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"Who's in the House" is a vertical, oval art print of a small orachard of trees robed in bright autumnal tones of yellow, orange, and red haloed by taller trees and a small house near the back with a spooky, if cute, guest. Cool autumnlight bursts through the clouds near the horizon, and the ground is still damp from the earlier rain. 


These prints are high resolution. Every color, brushstroke, and glob of paint is plainly visible to the eye. 

"Who's in the House?" Vertical Oval Art Print by Elaina Swanson

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.75Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please expect your order to be shipped within 1-2 weeks of ordering as I am an incredibly small operation. If you choose "studio pickup" as an option, please be sure to email me at to coordinate details.