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Norma Jean as St. Catherine of
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Elaina Florence Joy Swanson was born a giant pink baby in California and remains one to this day. Her earliest influences were Bob Ross on the 12-inch TV on the kitchen counter and the unfinished princess mural in her bedroom. Having recently finished her MA in Creative Practice from Leeds Arts University in England, She forever remains someone desperate to be taken seriously whilst remaining completely unable to stop talking about Barbie movies as though they are actual cinema.


Elaina is an artist and thinker obsessed with exploring the paradoxes and complexities of the human condition, seeking connections and understanding through a unique and colorful lens. She is particularly drawn to the concept of feminine yearning and fantasy as a vehicle for confronting her own personal and cultural trauma. Her work tackles difficult subjects, grappling with topics such as sexual obsession, religious stigma, and the expectations of contemporary womanhood, whatever that means. While she's not painting she's probably watching unsettling videos about cults, or writing Star Trek fan fiction.

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